Start advertise and build more attention to your landing pages. We have solution to capture viewer at your needs. You will be pleased.

Paytre Web App

Self Serving application of your own. Everything is in your control.

Placement Set

Select your unlimited landing page to visitor with their love for yours. Change anytime too.

Up to Date

We update dependencies to keep things fresh and more features.

Fraud Prevention

Our direct publishers are certified by third party security companies, including Integral Ad Science and comScore. 

Certified Traffic

We always double check their visitor are real by checking their action. Of course, No bot or VPN are allowed. 

Pay For Performance

Viewing landing page for 30 second each. Begin your first campaign. Deposit only $20+ 

Targeting Capabilities

Choose your desire target of USA, CA, UK, or AUS. You can use all of them or only one country. 

Your Campaign Is Running On Their Screen


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